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Mathur Ventures (MV) stands as a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship in the heart of the technology world.

At MV, we believe in the power of bold ideas and the potential of emerging technologies to transform industries and create lasting impact.

MV is a fast-growing company driven by a mission to build world-class Tech Ventures from India for the world.

We also partner with the right founders and invest in their businesses to build global digital-first brands. MV scales brands by leveraging its expertise in e-commerce, technology, marketing and distribution. We take brands globally and help them to drive their sales.


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India’s Leading Software Discovery and Buying Platform that caters to businesses by giving them Data-Driven Insights and Exclusive Deals on Subscriptions.

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UptownDesi is a pioneering fashion brand committed to sustainability, the brand upcycles dead stock from the fashion world, transforming it into unique and stunning pieces of art. With a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, their designs reflect their eco-conscious values.

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